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Mentoring And Development For Young People, Particulary Young People Of Color And Women

I get a lot of requests from across the country from young people, particularly young women of color, regarding mentoring and development, particularly as it relates to issues of career development, entrepreneurship, and forming a professional presence. This is something I can do via Skype if our time zones can be worked out!

I consider mentoring and development to be a particular process, distinct from counseling, which is meant to address mental and emotional health issues. I consistently find that young people of color need guidance and support in finding their way into the professional world, building businesses, approaching new career moves, and so forth.

As a female entrepreneur, a woman of color who came from a poor family and never learned one thing about business growing up, I figured out most of the essentials of building and running a business by trial and error. Since then, what I've discovered is that the things I learned through life experience are things that can be incredibly valuable to young people, particularly young women and men of color who may be the first in their family to do something different.

I believe that young people of color, and young women in general, often lack an effective and experienced mentor to help them build their confidence, help them develop a professional pathway, and help them find a professional identity that feels authentic, something they can be proud of. I'm happy to be that person for you if this resonates with you. Call, email, or text.

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